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I am a 33-year resident of New Mexico (four years in Santa Fe; 29 years in Albuquerque).  I have worked as a business lawyer since I graduated from law school in 1990.  My practice has been principally in governmental finance, private hospital finance, and various business subsidies, including industrial revenue bonds and metropolitan redevelopment bonds.   I am familiar with the New Mexico legislative process, and I have drafted and lobbied for several bills.  I was instrumental in persuading the legislature to adopt the New Mexico Register and the New Mexico Administrative Code in 1995.


I earned an M.S. in Agronomy from Colorado State University in 1979 and worked for several years as a surface coal mine regulator in both Missouri and New Mexico.  Prior to starting law school in 1987, I worked for the New Mexico Radiation Protection Bureau, where I conducted a radon survey of residences throughout north-central New Mexico.


Much of my legal career has involved economic development projects of every description, and I have a thorough understanding of the legal issues concerning such projects.  Among other things,   I have thought and written extensively about the New Mexico constitution’s anti-donation clause.  For a review of the clause’s amazing history, and needed reforms, Click Here .  


The industrial revenue bond subsidy is one of the most important exceptions to the anti-donation clause.  For an explanation of IRBs, Click Here

My wife, Cynthia Hall, is the Commissioner for District 1 of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission.  Our political and policy views are similar but not identical.





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